Needle Check Pro

Needle Pro needle pro
Needlecheck Pro - Metal Detector


  • Digital signal processing technology
  • Lock’s ADC software for remote servicing and diagnostics
  • 100 product memory
  • Failsafe detection procedure
  • Data retention when power is interrupted or disconnected
  • Easy user-replaceable electronic module for minimum downtime
  • Serial ports providing printout of detection events, with 300 event storage
  • Simple operator interface for ease of use
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  • The Needlechek Pro detector is the industry leading system specifically designed to enable the detection of broken needle tips or other ferrous contaminants during garment production.
  • It provides a Quality Assurance Solution for all products which contain non-ferrous metal accessories (ie. zips, studs, rivets).
  • Needlechek Pro’s exceptional detection performance guarantees that ferrous contaminants to the equivalent of 1.0mm-1.2mm diameter will be detected at any point within the aperture.
  • Needlechek Pro can detect the presence of ferrous contaminants in products containing brass, tin, copper, aluminium and every other metal used and approved by leading textile accessory manufacturers.
Automatic Set-up
The Needlechek Pro metal detector has the ability to store up to 100 different product settings in its memory and adjust to maintain the optimum detection specifications for different garments.

It contains a failsafe detection procedure complete with audible alarm warning, visual status indication, automatic belt stop and security key switch restart facility.

Automatic Testing Features
An Auto Test feature can be incorporated, which prompts a supervised test procedure at designated intervals. This sends the system automatically into fault condition if a detection test is not conducted.
RS 232 Serial Port
Allows printing of data reports for:
  • Time and Date of system switched on and off
  • Time and Date detector detected contaminants
  • Time and Date the detector test conducted
  • Operator password of the person conducting the test
  • Confirmation of test results
Voltage-free relay contacts. Rating 240V, 5A resistive

Power Supply
Single phase, Neutral & Earth 230volts AC or 110volts AC.

Contains Power Stabilisers to compensate for a fluctuation of +/-10% of the operating voltage.
Operating Environment
Needlechek Pro is not affected by interference by factors such as air temperature, humidity and static electricity and are designed to work in close proximity to all types of machinery associated with the textile industry (ie. sewing machines).

All Needlechek Pro detector heads are mounted on the industry standard Lock Conveyor.

These are designed to be compatible with an existing production line and operate at a belt speed of 31m/min.
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