Model K-172P
Model K-172SP

The Model: K-172P/K-172SP are single feed, single cylinder sock knitting machines with pile knit device. Capable of knitting motif patterns with 5 colors per course plus ground yarn (4 colors plus ground in elastic top).

K-172P offers the increase of productivity and reduction of working hours easy specification change from pile to without pile (vice versa).

K-172SP has the facility to knit pattern pile (= Sinker Selection) which offers to knit various kinds of pile socks.



1. IN ADDITION TO THE REPUTABLE STABILITY; Efficient Heel/Toe knitting system, Simplified cambox system redesigned to increase machine speed during plain and pattern parts to incorporate graduated stitch construction (fashioning).

2. THE YARN FEEDER CONSTRUCTION Main Feeder                        :     8 feeders
Motif Feede                   :    5 positions    
                                            Total 13 feeders (3 positions x 3 feeders and 2 positions x 2 feeders)

3. COMPACT IN DESIGN AND ENERGY EFFICIENT SYSTEMS ; These compact machines with their simple systems offer energy savings, with elimination of the compressed air blow in the pattern parts, and adapting the mechanical handle etc.

4.THE NEW CONTROLER offer progressive operation system and data preparation. Also the USB memory and Dynamic Drive Method Actuators improve memory capacity and maintenance.

5.K-172P is a standard pile machine. (Presser cams select round/half round pile, etc.) Easy specification change from pile to without pile /vice versa.

6.K-172SP has 2 sinker selection actuators which offers individual sinker selection not only for leg/foot but also for heel/toe.

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