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Eyelets & Washers

Eyelets & Washers

  • Made from plastic or metal, our eyelets are available in oval or round, small or large, shiny or matt.
  • They provide excellent reinforcement and delightful decoration for all kinds of materials.
  • They ensure durability and edge reinforcement.
  • Just perfect for textiles, leather and shoes.

Economical and functional for technical applications

  • Long lasting, resistant, tough and very functional as well as cost-effective
  • a wide range of quality eyelets and washers.
  • In particular the “tough-tech solutions” are renowned for their robustness in the toughest environments which are especially suited e.g. for protective sheets, tents, marquees, hoardings etc.
  • The “tough-tech solutions” are completed by our single-piece K-eyelet. Economical. Powerful. Patented.

“Slim-line” program

  • The “slim-line” program is a new range of eyelets.
  • in all the necessary standard sizes, specially designed for lighter applications, e.g. calendars, small leather goods, packaging, etc.

DIN eyelets

Economical and functional for technical applications. Durable, weather-resistant, strong and functional: these are attributes for use as innovative fasteners for technical textiles. They are also cost-effective. Faithful to its long tradition, Prym Fashion offers outstanding quality in its wide range of eyelets and washers in brass, steel and stainless steel. The eyelets stand up to the most challenging conditions and are ideal, for example, for curtain siders, tents, awnings, flags, banners, etc.Economical and functional for technical applications.

B eyelets

In a variety of sizes and shapes, our B eyelets with their narrow edges and rolled washers offer perfect reinforcement and graceful decoration. Therefore they are not only exceptionally decorative, they also clamp the material edges solidly and securely to ensure that they are durably stabilised. B eyelets are used with technical textiles and also in the clothing industry and for fashionable accessories.

K eyelets

Our range of eyelets is rounded off with our patented, one-piece K eyelet. This offers the properties of the DIN and B eyelets, plus high tear-out resistance. The one-piece K eyelet is also more convenient and efficient in processing because it is easier to handle. Applications: curtain siders, tents, awnings, flags, banners, filters, automotive, etc.

Turn Buttons

Prym offers turn buttons suitable for all current sizes of oval eyelets. Turn buttons are used on trailer tarpaulins and semi-trailers, large tents and in trade fair construction, boats, box vans etc. Turning the button manually prevents it from being inadvertently opened.


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