SafGuard and SafQ button testing solution

SafGuard Universal Mechanial Safety Tester

Stud Button test with Stud Grip and Lower Fabric Clamp

  1. Refer to Step F.3.1. to F.3.4. to calibrate the Force Gauge and set up the
    Upper Stud Grip.
  2. Place a specimen on the Convex Stop of the bulging device.
  3. Once the fabric of the specimen is secured, a bottom cavity /
    interspace is formed between the fabric and the accessory
  4. Move the lever next to Force Gauge downward
  5.  Lower down the Upper Stud Grip near the
  6.  Fasten the Upper Stud Grip to the top of
    accessory by rotate the screw clockwise
    and hold it tightly.
  7. Rotate the Flywheel clockwise and apply
    the pulling force to accessory.
  8.  Hold the test at 7kg for 10 seconds and then
    release by turning the Flywheel
  9.  Record the result. If the accessory
    separates from the fabric or the specimen
    is broken during test, record all the


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