PRYM snap button and attaching technology


Coordinated design for a variety of products, ranging from press fasteners and zip pullers to cord stops and buckles.

Fashion eyelets

Highly versatile but challenging in their technical application, eyelets are often under-utilized. Yet, they play a significant role in functionality and appearance and therefore brand identity. With the right know-how, eyelets will stand out, not fall out. Try one of the irregular shapes, apply rubber, anodized or even fabric effect coating and use laser or print technology to add your brand name. High-performance brands love the valve type eyelet with self-cleaning function. Once you have experienced the possibilities, you will never want to go back to basics.

Cord stops

From sportive to luxury, cord stops can be a great feature on any garment. For expensive hand-feel, go with alloy, or use ABS plastic for light-weight applications. Pick from many different shapes and sizes, which Prym will ensure to be compatible with your preferred draw-cord dimensions. Cord stops are a perfect platform for branding, so don’t miss adding your logo. For the sleek look, try our hidden cord stop, the first of its kind in the market.

Draw-cords with tip-ends

Two things that should go together. The assembly process is often a challenge for the garment manufacturer, as the thickness of draw-cords will have a 5-10% tolerance and assembly tooling often becomes inadequate. Prym manages the assembly in-house, so no more unnecessary shipment delays. For sophisticated branding, apply hang-plating or rubber-coating with laser or silk-print logo. Or print your brand name on the draw-cord in matching colors. Running brands will love the reflective draw-cords for better visibility at night time and the mesh-type tip-end for weight reduction.


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