VERIVIDE color assessment system

Colour Assessment Cabinets (CAC)

VeriVide’s Colour Assessment Cabinets are an indispensable tool for colour
assessment, colour quality control and comparisons of colour variation. The
stability of our light sources give excellent viewing conditions for reliable colour
critical decisions under standardised lighting. Ensuring agreement and consistency
through global supply chains, helping to highlight product quality issues, such as
metamerism, at the earliest opportunity.

Designed specifically for colour matching and evaluation of any material where precise control of colour is critical. VeriVide’s range of colour assessment cabinets are designed to match the viewing conditions and spectral qualities of the standard illuminants as specified according to the ISO/CIE standards. They also conform to all major international standards for visual evaluation, including ASTM, AS, BSI, DIN and ISO. VeriVide’s own specially designed daylight simulator is the only fluorescent light source to give accurate colour reproduction across the colour spectrum.

  • Backlight LCD control panel with various features: servicing indicator, auto sequence, warm-up, power save and data storage facility.
  • Options of 4 or 5 light sources including D50, D65, D75, 840, 830, CWF, F, A and UV, U35 and H also available.
  • Interior Colour options: Grey Munsell N5, N7, VeriVide 5574.

CAC Range Dimensions (mm)

CAC150 External Dimensions 1560 755 620
Viewing Area 1530 570 585
CAC120 External Dimensions 1290 755 620
Viewing Area 1260 570 585
CAC60 External Dimensions 710 545 420
Viewing Area 680 360 380
CAC60 -5 External Dimensions 710 545 540
Viewing Area 680 360 495

CAC range lamp options

All cabinets are fitted with lamps as standard, which can be configured to your own requirements. The range of lamps within the viewing cabinet can vary, dependant on the application, from a single light source to a combination of 4 or 5 different light sources. A typical combination includes: D65, Artificial Daylight – 840, (formerly TL84) a Point of Sale lamp – F, Tungsten Filament (typical home lighting) and UV, Ultra Violet Blacklight. Other types of lamp can be included on request. For more detailed information regarding the lamp options please refer to our Lamp Options Datasheet or alternatively contact our sales team who will be happy to assist you.


Diffusers are recommended when assessing highly specular materials such as paint, glass, polished surfaces and ceramics. These can also be used to create a barrier between light source and viewing area to prevent contamination – for example of food product.


If a variable intensity of light is required or specified, an electronically controlled Dimmable option is offered.

Observation tables

Two types of observation table can be supplied; the Tilting Table, which allows variable angles of observation and the Fixed Angle Table. The Tilting Table is useful for observing surface coatings, metallic and pearlescent materials at a variety of angles. The Fixed Angle Table offers a 45º observation angle in accordance with ISO 105 for the assessment of colour fastness, suitable for a variety of applications.

Benches and planning tables

Benches are also available, allowing you to position your cabinet at the optimal observation height when used in conjunction with a VeriVide cabinet. Benches with plan drawers can also be supplied. (Further details on our
Accessories Datasheet).

Lamp usage

Lamps should be replaced after 2000 hours of use or annually. The control panel includes a service indicator to signify the number of hours usage for each individual light source. The standard electrical supply is 220 V / 240 V (50 – 60 Hz). All other voltage supplies must be specified when ordering.


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