Crock meter, perspiration tester

Perspiration Tester

Perspiration Tester
For a colorfastness test
b Phenolic Yellow tes
Labtextm perspiration Tester can be universally applicable to determine for fading or dyeing-movement in textile, which are affected by human perspiration, chloride water, seawater or water….

This tester complete with high grade stainless steel frame, 2 sets 21 pieces of acrycil Plates (3mm thick for AATCC and 1.5mm thick fo BS EN ISO standard) and a set of stainless steel loading without unit.

Labtextm Perspiration Tester may also be used for phenolic yellowing Test by using the test papers, one control fabric, glass plate, one BHT Free film.
The perspiration Tester frame is required to be replaced from time to time,say,one year after it is used. It is mainly because the frame will be contaminated that affects test result. Therefore, the standard division of each frame we make is strictly controlled within 1% which is much better than those in the market.


Colorfastness to AATCC BS EN ISO
Perspiration 15 105 E04
Water 107 105 E01
Water:sea 106 105 E02
Dye Transfer in Storage;Fabric to Fabric 163
Assessment Of migration of textile colours into polyvinly cloride cootings 105X10


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